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EZY Server Data is a plugin where we you can check you all server related details  and can also check you website related details.


  • Server related all details.
  • You can seen PHP info related.
  • You can seen your database details here.
  • You can seen your htaccess file as well.
  • You can check your wp-config.php file here.
  • All WordPress cron details show in list form with timing.
  • You can check website related info like as ‘Time Zone’, ‘Plugins Directory Size’, and many more.

Server Tab

You can check here we are show important server details here.
Like as – My IP Address, SSL Certificate Valid From, SSL Certificate Valid To, Os Type & Version, Hostname, Server CPU Cores and Architecture, Web Server Soft, XMLRPC, TLS version, CPU Usage

PHP Info Tab
You can check here we are show important PHP Info details here.
Like as – PHP Version,PHP Max Upload Size,PHP Max Post Size,PHP Max Execution Time,PHP Memory Limit,PHP Memory Used

Database Tab
You can check here we are show important Database details here.
Like as – Database Software, Database Version, Maximum No. of Connections, Maximum Packet Size, Database Disk Usage, Index Disk Usage

htaccess tab

You can check here we are show htaccess full file code.

You can check here we are show wp-config.php full file code.

Cron Tab
You can check here we are show all wordpress cron job in list view

Cron Job

Show cron name in this column


Here we are show , where from cron job call (Plugin or theme)

Next Run

Here we are show cron next run time

Last Run

We are show here last run time


Here we are show schedule means , cron job hourly , weekly or daily


We are show action means cron still exist or not


This is cron job term means protected or not

Update Cron
Here you can seen we have update cron button, you can update cron job on click on this button

You can check here we are show important Website details here.
Like as – Time Zone, Plugins Directory Size, Theme Directory Size, Uploads Directory Size, Uploads Directory location, TTL Posts, TTL Pages, TTL Published Pages, TTL Active Plugins, TTL Inactive Plugins