What kind of data could be collected from businesses and people and what are the implications of so much personal information being collected and tracked?

Businesses can collect information about their customers, the purpose is to make their products and services better and to serve their customers better. As for their customers, they get the best shopping experience with the products and services that they want. If we were to get too concerned about the collection of data, it may have a negative impact on our lives. We should trust the businesses and the government to use this data wisely.

If a company wants to collect data, they have to ask in a very clear way. If a company wants to collect data which is not required, it should be asked if it's okay for them to do that. If not, then the company should ask for permission.

It is illegal to store more personal data than required to provide services. For example, an app can store a user's birthday in the profile, but not their date of wedding or birth number. If a company stores a user's date of birth, it should only be used to verify their age and not for any other purpose.

Companies have the legal right to store as much information about you as they want. This includes your first and last name, your physical address, your phone number, your credit score, a history of your purchases and anything else about you that they can glean from a public database.  You can try to stop them from gathering this information, but they do have the right to do it. This is why you should purchase a credit freeze, which will stop anyone from being able to see your credit report.  There is no such thing as a ‘privacy freeze,' because you are not legally required to provide potential creditors with information about where you live.

In today’s scenario, it is not necessary that companies keep records of all the data you enter on their websites. But, you should treat it as your responsibility that the information you are giving is correct and the information you are sharing is of your own choice.