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EZY Translate

In this plugin you can translate your page you website. You can pretranslate your pages using backend translate and after that will show direct translated page. Here you can set your default languages as well for show direct default languages on frontend.


  • Select Users who have access to this plugin.
  • You can show two type of flag size.
  • You can set different type of languages dropdown on frontend using Display style.
  • You can set flag size as well.
  • You can set default language.
  • You can use shortcode for display dropdown.

Setting Page

You are able to select which users are able to access the Plugin

The plugin will work even though the user will not be able to access it for security reasons

Widget Option

You can use backend translate from here

You can set local language

you can set your dropdown default Display Style from here

You can set default language means default language for frontend

Set Flag Size from here

Select Languages to display


Flash Cache
You can delete all languages files from root directory using ‘Flush Cache’ button

Create Cache
You can create backend cache using this button, on click on create cache button will show one popup.

We have three button in popup (pages/posts and product) and Cerate Cache button.
You can select some record and create cache for selected record.