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EZY Page Speed

EZY Page Speed Manage all pages included CSS/JS according to settings. Means we can remove CSS/JS from pages where we no need to it. So we can increase page speed by remove unused CSS/JS.


  • Increase pages speed by removing unused CSS/JS
  • You can get all CSS/JS in list form in setting page by click on button
  • You can manage all think by checkbox
  • You can select all checkbox from top checkbox

The CSS/JS listing according to pages

You are able to select and remove unused CSS/JS using this settings, Check the box to hide the item. The Plugin is in Blue and Function in

You can seen here we are show plugin name and css/js file name as well in top of page

You can edit pencil icon and edit CSS/JS file name using it.

Update CSS/JS Files button

You can seen here we have update CSS/JS Files button , you can click on it and get all pages included CSS/JS files.
After checked checkbox you can save it by click on ‘Save Changes’ button.

Setting Page

You are able to select which users are able to access the Plugin

The plugin will work even though the user will not be able to access it for security reasons and also can access by steps means full plugin or only setting.

In list showing X and checkbox , X means no file include in this page and checkbox show you can hide file in this page.