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EZY Contact Form

We can use this plugin for visitor feedback response and manage list of feedback using by status with Open and Close. Here you can manage full threat of communicate with visitors and users.


  • We cam manage hide/show feedback button using by checkbox setting
  • can manage you want show in mobile or not
  • can manage upload file feild as well
  • can manage button positions with all style settings
  • can manage form fields as well
  • can add button on top of form (Chat, Support, training or may be other) with style setting,
  • can manage When to send admin emails
  • can manage Email Content Settings
  • you can use Google ‘reCaptcha Settings'
  • can manage Select Users who have access to this plugin, Column sorting, Delete Options and Column Width

The Default Response List page

You are able to select and delete any records also you can edit record.

You can add default response list from here which can use in frontend form so user can select it and use fast reply process without human mistake.

Setting Page

Setting Tab

Here you can seen we have three checkbox only where we can manage hide/show feedback button , want show feedback button in mobile and also manage file include in form or not.

Create Settings button means suppose you setup all setting now you want save for next time than click on create settings button and can create default setting.

Button Tab

Set the Position to display the Feedback Button and Button Text.

You can set gap from top of page from here

Support Page Links – you can set style of button from here

On Page Feedback Button – you can set style of button from here

Save Button Setting – you can set style of button from here

Contact Type Buttons – you can set style of button from here

Plugin Font style and Content font size

Form Tab

We can set form title and our top tab text from here , also we can active checkbox by it we can easily hide/show buttons.

By this setting we can manage placeholder and hide/show fields by active checkbox.

By this setting you can design feedback popup box.

Using this text you can show message on feedback form

Support Button Tab

Using by this setting you can add three or less than three button on your feedback form and can manage dynamic text for buttons.

You can also manage URL for this buttons , means on click where you want redirect page.

reCAPTCHA Settings Tab

You can add Google reCAPTCHA using Google API with hide/show checkbox
and also can use versioning or reCAPTCHA.

Manage Users Tab

You are able to select which users are able to access the Plugin
The plugin will work even though the user will not be able to access it for security reasons

You can use column sorting in list page using this checkbox

You can manage delete record from here using by cron , you can set when will run cron

You can also manage how many days should not delete using by this setting.

You can set column width on list page from here for title column.