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This is a plugin to Manage your 404’s and searches. You can set pages to display for any particular Search, or even block the search. All 404’s/Searches are recorded and can be monitored and acted one


  • Record all 404’s and Searches
  • Set default pages to show for various searches
  • Block individual 404’s and Searches
  • Optionally save the results to a central Database/Website
  • Manage 404’s/Searches for multiple websites
  • Give Admin access to individual users only
  • Allow the system to show appropriate results
  • Show the results that were displayed to individual searches
  • See how often a 404/Search was done
  • Record all 404’s and Searches
  • Set default pages to show for various searches
  • Block individual 404’s and Searches
  • Optionally save the results to a central Database/Website
  • Manage 404’s/Searches for multiple websites
  • Give Admin access to individual users only
  • Allow the system to show appropriate results
  • Show the results that were displayed to individual searches
  • See how often a 404/Search was done

The 404 Search Listing page

Shows what was searched on and extensive details on the search


Allows you to set what to show to visitors You can optionally block 404’s on this text

Search Text

This is the text the user searched on


From column shows if either a 404 or Search


Found column shows if actual results have been found

Records Displayed

Shows the records that were displayed to the visitor. If you hover over the link, you will see if multiple records were displayed. You can also click on any link to see actual page/post

Next click

Is where the visitor went after getting to the 404 page

404 Requests

Requests – is the number of times this text has had 404’s or searches


Number of seconds the visitor spent on the page


No Content


The website column will show the name of the website the result is from, but only if you are managing results centrally

Date Time

The Date time of the record

Search From

The Page that the search was created from

These Columns are only available if EZY API Plugin is activatedand you have a Valid IP Subscription

IP Address

The IP Address of Visitor


If we see the IP user as a threat

ASN Type

Education, Business, Hosting,

IP Type


Name of the City (Is not allways 100% Accurate)


Province, County, Region


Country name


Main Language Spoken


Country Phone Code


The Domain searched from


Currency Used


Company Name, may display Hosting name

The New Style 404/Search Listing page

Here we manage all information in screens without more scroll and have some plus and minus options for show importand and full details.
All pther filter and column information is same

Edit Banned Word

You can change status and edit title of banned word

Bulk Action Filters – Options

Move to Trash
Delete the Record, Once Deleted you are unable to retrieve the recods

Block User IP
This will block the selected users from accessing the website

Unblock User IP
This will unblock the users IP and allow them access to the site

Date Filter allows you to select the Date from and to, will only show records from the selected Dates

Sort & Search Options

Days to show
If set to 3 then will only show records for the past 3 days. If you have many records or a slow web server this will speed up the page load time

List Websites
If you are running the Pro version and have EZY API plugin active, you will see a list of all your sites here, so you filter on records for a single site.

The Banned Listing page

In this list we are show banned words , so user can easily manage it.

Here you are able to add any text, that if used for a 404 – will block the visitor from accessing the site. This is very useful to block any phishing attempts, and to prevent users from trying to run any PHP code

Anyone doing a 404 using any of the text entered here will be blocked and unable to access the site. As the visitor has been blocked it will not be now be recoded as a 404, and could reduce visits from bad actors and improve on your site performance. You are strongly recommended to test any text entered to see it works as expected. Enter text with a comma between.


Banned word text


Word is banned , safe or ignore

Why Banned

We will show banned reason here

404 Request

We will show number of request

IP Address

user IP address


We will show ip address country


IP assress threat


We will show date in wordpress formate

Filter Options

You can filter on specific records

Threat, will list all records that are potential threats to the website
404, will list only 404 records

Search, will list all actual search records
Pro Search, will list all records that are search from our Pro Search box

Blocked, will list all words that have been blocked, so users are unable to search them

Set Page, will display all records that have been diverted to a specific page or website

Search Allows you to search on any text fields
Block Searches for certain words

If you edit an individual 404/search you can forward any future searches to a fix page or alternatively block any further searches on this text

Forward the Link
You can select to display future searches to a page or post

Use selected Link
This will divert the visitor to the selected page

Block Visitors
Will block any 404’s on this text

Uses the default responses

Setting Page

Besides showing the search results on the page you can enter any specific Text on the 404 Pages

Set a message to show to visitors when they are blocked from the page

When you block text from being used in 404’s you can set the warning text to show to the visitors.

You are able to select which users are able to access the Plugin

The plugin will work even though the user will not be able to access it for security reasons

You optionally send the Admin a daily email with any 404’s/Searches

You can also set the frequency of the email if you want either more or less emails. If you leave the option unchecked – you won’t receive a daily email.

Manually Delete Records

You are able to set a number of days then delete any older records Deleted records can’t be recovered, except by reverting to a backup

You are unable to delete your own IP or Country

Cron Delete Settings

You can set cron time and delete record using by cron

Set the columns to show on the 404 List

If you are connected to EZY API you will also get a range of additional columns you are able to show on the 404 list, the actual management of the 404s IP and security is done through EZY API.

Although you should be unable to get exact details on any visitor from the IP data, except for large corporates – you are advised to get legal advice before storing IP Data.

List Style View

We have two style of pages, so you can select page list style from dropdown
Select list style options is ‘show full details screen’ and ‘show simple list screen’

Select individual records to delete or display

You are able to select and delete any records, except if they have a diversion entered. If you do wish to delete the records, simply edit it and set it back to default – you will then be able to delete it.

You are also able to search on various visitor types, eg, Visitors, Hackers, or Blocked records

You can exclude ‘Bots’ from the list, however be aware that this is not fool-proof and it is possible to false results

Here you can select send mail and SMS options

Here setting for send SMS

Here you can set twilioapi authentication
SID, Auth Token , Service ID..
You can also insert SMS Body with our text.
like as { 404text} – will replace with activity and same as other text.

Block Visitors if they Search on these words

You can set number of items so after cross limit you can block based on this number. Here is two think , same IP and different IP You can also set ‘Header text for Search results’


If a visitor does a 404 and it is not recorded – is probably because the text has been blocked.
The ‘Websites’ column will show the website searched from – this is only relevant if multiple sites are been managed from one central site.
The IP – Security information is only available if you are using our EZY API plugin and you have a live subscription to one of our IP providers. There are limits on the number of Lookups, and if you go over the limits the IP Data will stop until renewed. If you are still getting a warning message in EZY API – you have probably entered an incorrect IP code.
Watch the Number of Requests – to see how often a search or 404 is registered carefully to either fix on site errors, or block ‘bad actors’.
Next click will only show when the visitor takes further action – so the probability is that you will not see any next clicks following a 404.
If you are seeing large numbers of requests on ‘suspect’ 404’ – you are strongly recommended to block these searches. Remember once a search has been blocked – it will no longer register on the 404 list.
We have options on what to show on the 404 Pages, this obviously depends on theme used, and may not work on all.
To view all the records that were displayed to the visitor – click on the ‘Records Displayed’ link and it should display all the records that were shown to the visitor.


If there is no IP data, Country, Region data available – you are not connected to EZY API and a IP data source.

If a recent search or 404 is not listed – you must have blocked that particular search.

If the search results don’t appear relevant – is probably because of accurate – relevant alternatives to what was searched on.

If the layout on the front end display is poor – is probably due to a CSS clash and you may need to either change your theme or work on the CSS styling.

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